New CIHR Project Grant

January/2018. We are pleased to learn that CIHR will continue to fund our gene therapy project for bone regeneration. The federal foundation allocated ~$506,000 to support our project (Engineering Biomimetic Gene Activated Matrices for Bone Tissue Regeneration) for the next 4 years. We look forward to developing new non-viral carriers of plasmid DNA, and employ them to induce new bone tissue with the help of bone-inducing growth factors. The project is a joint activity among different researchers, including Dr. Daniel Graf from the Department of Dentistry (U. of Alberta), Dr. Nadr Jomha from the Department of Surgery (U. of Alberta) and Dr. Eli Sone from the Department of Materials Engineering (U. of Toronto). This activity should help us to facilitate gene-induced tissue repair and should help other tissues beyond bone to enhance their regeneration capacity.