Project Funded

July/2015 – Project Funded. We are delighted to secure operating funds from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR; $120,000/year x 5 years) to pursue a novel therapy for acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). We are working with Dr. Joseph Brandwein (Section Head, Hematology, U. of Alberta Hospital) and Dr. Xiaoyan Jiang (Principal Scientist, Terry Fox Lab, British Columbia Cancer Agency) on this exciting project to develop a new, comprehensive therapy for the deadly AML disease. We are applying our expertise on siRNA delivery technology in order to eradicate leukemic cells, by using a combination of siRNAs that target cellular homing to hard-to-reach body sites as well as siRNAs that limit the capacity of leukemic cells ot undergo uncontrolled proliferation. As always, we value this funding opportunity from public sources and we are committed to providing our best to better understand this deadly diseases and contribute to its conquer.