Project Funded

June/2011 – Congratulations to our colleague Dr. Gaetan Laroche  (Laval University, Quebec) who successfully secured funding from NSERC for a CREATE Program on Regenerative Medicine. The program funding is $1,650,000 over 5 years. Dr. Laroche organized a highly skilled team of biomaterials scientists and engineers in order to pursue a focused educational program on regenerative medicine. We are delighted to be part of this team, whose investigators include Drs F. Auger (Laval University), D. Mantovani (Laval University), M.J Lee (Dalhousie University), P. Santerre (U. of Toronto), J. Kizhakkedathu (U. of British Columbia), E. Stone (U. of Toronto), and L. Unsworth (U. of Alberta). We look forward to interacting with other labs and gifted students to create innovative materials and therapeutic approaches.